Introducing Flippercast

Last weekend I put an idea to the test. I've been brainstorming on it for the past months. The intent was to validate it by pitching the idea at the local Startup Weekend (Edition 6) in Hong Kong.

It was very thrilling to put this brainchild out into the open, mostly because of fear to fail. However, as I was hoping, there were lots of positive responses on this idea.

And it's a massive idea.

I want to build a new open-source web content management system.

The key differentiator is that it will be a bliss to use for content writers, digital marketers, designers, developers and admins. Because most current CMS do not cater for all of these people combined. It should be easy to do this for small and large websites.

Also, a new server platform has emerged, with the introduction of Node.js. Opening up the server backend to a large audience of frontend developers. JavaScript and its many transpiler variants, have been significantly adopted, with many great libraries created. This rich ecosystem has a very acceptable learning curve, allowing it to grow rapidly.

Since there is currently no sizable CMS for Node.js, I want to fill this gap with a new CMS that also implements best practises learned from existing ones. It should be open-source so that it has a potential to become the de-facto CMS for this platform.

Why do I think it is possible and what do I bring to the table? I've had the opportunity to work with great people in this field, and I've also touched many parts of the website creation process. I can help to build a community by setting a vision, and connecting people. Of course I will help to kick-start the development process by creating the initial codebase. But I hope we can foster a great community together, so that a self-sustainable ecosystem will emerge.

Such a big task requires a lot of help. And that's where you come in, dear reader. The project is still in the ideation phase, and I would love to get your feedback and input on how to shape the strategy. We need to start somewhere, and I need your help to find out what matters most, so we can start with a small seed. We will then plant and nurture it, and grow it into a full blown tree.

Show your interest by signing up for the email newsletter. More detailed concepts will be explained on this blog, to spark discussions. These blog posts will be announced through the newsletter. I'll also setup a community site so these discussions can happen in the open.

I invite you to go to the current launch site, and register your email address there.

Community site:

Thank you for your interest!
-Bart Verkoeijen